Where do you live British royal family

Where Do Queen Elizabeth II Live In UK

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip live on too most populer place on UK from LONDON. They live on Buckingham Place in Chelsea Town.  Buckingham Place has 775 rooms, 78 bathrooms also 24 meter high, 108*120 meters size.  This place opened to visiter only summer season.

Where did Lady Diana live on Place

Lady Diana lived with Prince Charles on Kensington Palace but Prince Charles at now living on Buckingham Place after died Lady Diana

Who do live on Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is in London Chelsea city. Prince William ve Kate Middleton lives on Kensington Palace Chelsea on LONDON. Prince William is son Lady Diana’s from Prince Charles. Prience William is 36 years old. He married with Kate Middleton.

What about Prience Harry

Prince Harry, Duke of Susses is 34 years old and he married with Meghan Markle. They living on  Nottingham Cottage on Chelsea

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