Shiba Adorable Figure on Cafe Latte

Figure on Cafe Latte

We like sweet figure on own cafe latte. When you are saying to order cafe latte you liked same figure on cafe’s surface did not you? You can interesting figure cafe latte art.

There is a coffee shop in Taiwan. Its name is Mr R Drinks Shoop. At now is starting new trend cafe arts on Instagram. This coffee shop is in Taipei and there is funny photto on Instagram about this coffee shop.  Milky cafe lattes take nice looking and different colored with  Shibas style on top.

How to make cafe latte art own self

Latte Coffee Materials:

*A glass of milk
*One teaspoon of sugar
*2 dessert spoon filter coffee
*Half a glass of water


First time you will heating let the milk reach 37˚C. You are starting mix milk with sugar blender. You must countinued mix with blender when all sugar and all milk change to until foam. After all foam evacuate to another pitcher.

At now countinued on another pitcher is preparation. Cafe and water mixed together on another cups. After Foam of milk slowly combined with coffee.

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