How will be pillow on pregnancy period

Good pillow on pregnancy period

The women was pregnant with a baby what they will do for good sleep. Baby need a good sleep from own’s mama. The mums must getting enough sleep for healty baby. Pregnancy pillows are  godsend and best thing for women. Pregnancy pillow has a ergonomic sleep on the bed.

Can you see on link good pillows for pregnancy

Best sleeping position during pregnancy

SOS position is best of sleep for pregnancy period. What does them mean “SOS” in sleep, it means sleep on side in the bed. Sleep of your left side is will helpful cary blood and nutrients to placenta and baby. You may put just to one pillow in between your legs.

If you wanna sleep on your back it will be cause some problem. The problems are backaches, breathing, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure will affect to your heart and your baby.

If you wanna sleep on your  stomach are more difficult lay on your stomach.

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