Healthy Sleep Tips

How can you good sleep on bed

Unhealthy daytime is bad choices for your sleep time also it will be problema for us healty. If you can reading for good sleep tips on below posts.

You can keep your sleep wake-up circle

  • Sleep time and wake-up time be always same hour on ever days
  • Your Sunday or off days will not be to along until midday
  • You dont sleep with napping on your days
  • You don’t try eat meal after evening or night

You dont looking your exposure to light when sleping or resting

Your brain is be warned with light or dark area. Your hormone is controlled by light or dark. When you wanna sleeping on room you should closed all light.

How you can preparation  for good sleep on during the day your exposure to light:

  • You need to expose your body to sunshine in morning
  • When you have a rest time on work area you can take a sunshine or light on outside
  • The worked area or living area might be let as naturel light
  • You can buy  a light therapy box
  • In the your bedtime dont cary light within night
  • Dont watching TV before sleep about 3 hours
  • Tablets ans smartphone have a backlit light on screen. Dont looking to tablets and smartphone before bedtime
  • You opened to dark light when you wahe-up on midnight
  • You sure your room will not with shine or light from outsite

You can try to make sport and exercise

Alldays need make a sport for good healty also good sleping. You should make a sport during days

You will be carefully for eat and meal what you wanna before sleping ago 5 hours

You must not dring with caffeine and nicotine, you may not too much meals at night, dont drink alcohol before bed, you dont drink and eat liquids beverage and sugary foods.

Anothor Tips for good sleep

Clear your head from work, stress and like items. You read book and magazine on soft light, hot shower before bedtime, listenig soft music, make note preparations for nex day and after sleeping. You make sure for room them; noise, cool, bed of comfortable.

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    (October 21, 2018 - 16:50)

    i dont sleeping for what work because what wil i doing on office

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